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The Year of The Workroom

As we finally step into the New Year after a turbulent 2020, we here at Pale & Interesting have been running our business from home as usual. There is no doubt that 2020 brought with it many challenges, one of them being adapting and finding ways to work productively from home on a daily basis. Having the right workspace is essential to our productivity and focus, especially at home. It allows us to separate work and home life, and keep both us the space around us focussed on the business at hand.

In our book, Keep It Simple, we discuss workspaces in depth - when creating a relaxed and happy home, you are going to need a workspace. If you’re lacking space, a small pull-out desk could be suitable - but a large surface to spread out everything you need would be ideal. More importantly - this does not need to be a specially designed desk. Trestles, kitchen tables, propped up wooden planks (albeit, on a sturdy base) can all work exceedingly well.

A pinboard or surface to place notes, visual inspiration and other pieces of small paper is also really useful - you can use things you have at home already to make this - a piece of board covered in white material such as linen or another sheet would be perfect. Alternatively, you could make your own cork boards, or even try tacking together reclaimed wooden floorboards.

Down below are some of the workspaces we have designed over the years, making the most of space, reclaimed materials and good natural daylight.

A smaller workspace with plenty of organisational storage room - perfect for people working with tools or in crafts.

A bright, airy room with plenty of wall space to use as a visual area.

A workplace for a studio - good lighting, a great use of reclaimed materials and plenty of space to spread out all your materials.

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