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Making Use of Space

As we discussed last month on the Pale & Interesting blog - now more than ever, we need to focus on making use of what we have. The same rule applies for the space in our homes. With clever tips, tricks and a keen eye for detail, you can transform what space you have into a relaxed, functional and gorgeous home. Take a look at some of our examples:

Using sliding doors is an excellent way of splitting up the space you have into cosy areas - you could use reclaimed doors for this, and it would be perfect for creating a snug. Plus - you always have the option to open them back up to let daylight flood in.

A cleverly hidden away bathtub in one of the cabins we designed - functional, charming and pretty.

These bunk beds are excellent for guests, or even for a kids’ bedroom. They make for cosy sleeping spaces while also giving you the option to close them off and use the rest of the bedroom. A great secret hideaway for little ones!

Lastly, here's a top tip from our founder, Atlanta Bartlett, on making use of space:

"If you're short on space, consider leggy furniture. It will make your room feel bigger, and allow plenty of light to shine through the room."

Don't forget to tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #paleandinteresting to share pictures of your spaces and inspiration - we love seeing them!


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