A little Christmas help...

As a flurry of Christmas enthusiasm seeps into our lives, many shoppers have started the mammoth task of sourcing the 'perfect' gifts for their loved ones, but if you are someone feeling slightly uninspired, let us help you. Here at Pale and Interesting HQ we are aware that throw away gifts and novelty items are not good for our planet or the receiver, who has to fake gratitude when receiving them. Pick functional, durable and something a little unique this christmas. We have selected a number of items that we think would be a welcome surprise under your tree this year.

Vintage Tea Label Mugs - Perfect for avid tea lovers.

Small Deer Heads - For those who love to take a walk on the wild side.

Vintage Bulb Lamps - Playful and aesthetic.

Vintage embellished cushion - For those who are adventurous.

Recycled, Coloured Bubble Glasses - For the conscious buyer.

Varied Plastercasts - Simple, yet elegant.

Striped Candles - For the fun. A little something maybe one wouldn't love to receive.

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