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THREE tips to 'Keep it Simple'

Taken from our book 'Keep it Simple', we are sharing THREE tips which we feel can help you create a relaxed and happy home, encompassing much more than just the 'look' of the place. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF Style is not about looking as if you live in a show home - it's about showing that you know how to enjoy every part of living at your home. True style comes from within. So if you want to team ethnic kilims with blowzy chintz curtains, go for it. ORGANISE A well-organised home will be a smooth-running one, so get your head in gear and take a long, hard look at your possessions. Be ruthless. Ask yourself, do you need, love, use these items regularly? If not, get them gone. Tip: Antique apothecary chests are an attractive and practical way of storing those small, miscellaneous items. RECYCLE Recycling is at the heart of our simple mindset philosophy, as it forces us to shun the easy option of chain-store shopping and get creative, offers an opportunity to offset our carbon footprints and also helps us to develop and individual sense of style. Tip: Think carefully about what you rip out when refurbishing a house and save anything that can be reused. Old copper piping can be refashioned into curtain poles... Available online and in-store, 'Keep it Simple' is the perfect read if you're looking for inspiration and a better quality of life.

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