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E-Mood Boards

Looking for some help with your scheme but don't want to invest in a full interior design project? Our new Electronic Moodboard is a great way to get some professional advice on colours, furniture and accessories direct from Atlanta and Dave and a full shopping list from the Pale & Interesting Gallery.

Simply  provide us with photographs of your chosen space: wide angled photos from each corner of the room, and measurements of the space. The more accurate these measurements are, the more accurate we can be when it comes to choosing furniture and accessories. 


In addition, if you are able to provide us with even a rough sketch of a floor plan, plus measurements, that would be ideal. 


It would also be really good if you can send us an outline of the end result you are hoping to achieve. 


Once we have all of this information, we will send you the finished Moodboard on 28 days. We may need to contact you for any further details regarding your space during this time. 

Please note this does not include Kitchen or bathroom design- you will need to use our full interior design service for this and large one-space Living rooms that combine sitting, dining and cooking areas are counted as more than one room and so you would therefore need to purchase more than one mood board. Please fee free to call the office for more help.


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