Love the Pale & Interesting Style? Ever wondered who designed those beautiful interiors in the background of all those glamorous magazines and catalogues? Then look no further. Dave Coote & Atlanta Bartlett, the design talent behind the brand, have been working in the design, magazine, photography and film industries for the last 30 years. With five published interior design books to their names and their work featured in all the top interior design magazines, their talents are highly sought after by those 'in the know'. Famous for their relaxed, laid back style that never squanders on comfort their design ethos is honest and holistic. "We believe a home should, first and foremost, be a place for living, drawing inspiration from from practical considerations and the simple things in life, such as spending time with your family and minimising our carbon footprint through the use of sustainable materials, recycling and repairing wherever possible". 

Interior design services include design and build and projects include private homes, cabins, holiday lets, photography locations, pubs, shops, furniture and product design. For collaborations and design services get in touch via the options below.

Other services include our much coveted moodboard service, design courses or you can simply buy one of our signed books and draw inspiration from there!

Miller Harris

Cire Trudon

The Perfumer's Story

Bella Freud

Laboratorio Olfattivio