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Recycling, refitting, reusing.

Now more than ever, living sustainably and having a make-do-and-mend attitude has become not only popular, but a truly effective way of saving both money, and our planet.

Using reclaimed materials and upcyling furniture is not just a trend, or a fast passing fad, but an approach (initially adopted, most likely, by a lot of our older relatives) that plays an essential role in the design world by saving energy and preserving as many natural resources as possible. The most exciting part of this is the new and innovative wave of creativity this approach gives way to. Our latest book, Keep it Simple, provides readers with excellent tips on how to reuse, recycle and repurpose our unwanted items into fresh pieces with new leases of life.

Here are some of our top tips:

  1. Vintage headscarves or worn out sweaters can always be fashioned into cushion covers, which can make bright, pretty and eclectic accessories.

  2. Old tin cans can make beautiful tea light holders once you’ve hammered some holes into them, and even added a few decorations.

  3. Think carefully when refurbishing about what you can use instead of rip out - old doors can be used as wall panelling, and second hand furniture is inexpensive and perfectly ethical - most of which can easily be refreshed at home.

We also have beautiful pieces of vintage furniture for sale on our website, which would make beautiful additions to any home. Whether it be for storage, a cosy nook or extra lighting - make sure to take a look! Here are some of our pieces:

Our Antique Grey Hanging Shelf - perfect for tableware and knick knacks.

For a great pop of colour, our blue metal side table is perfect.

This pair of vintage industrial swivel chairs from Eastern Europe would make an excellent addition to a workspace.

All of these are available now from our Pale & Interesting shop. Check them out now before they're gone!


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