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At Home With White

At Home With White

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Photographs by Polly Wreford

Signed Copy


White can work in every home. Classic, timeless, easily adapted to changing fashions and brilliant for maximizing light, it is far from being bland or boring. Authors Atlanta Bartlett and Karena Callen begin by showing you How to Use White to create a multitude of environments from warm and homely through to cool and calm with different textures and shades. Next, Creating a Mood with White describes five themes, Classic, Romantic, Beach, Country and Modern, and demonstrates how to design a successful white interior. Finally, At Home With White illustrates, room by room, how to make white right for you. From bedrooms to bathrooms, you’ll see that white is the most versatile shade for contemporary living.


144 pages 
250 colour photographs
254 × 216 mm

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