Miller Harris Tangerine Vert - Scented Candle

Miller Harris Tangerine Vert - Scented Candle


Our Tangerine Vert candle is a light-hearted and fragrant ode to green tangerines. A muddle of citrus freshness with Florida grapefruit and Sicilian lemons, blended with the mild spice of marjoram and coolness of geranium. A soft, enticing backdrop of cedar, moss and sweet musks create a lasting impression and a carefree atmosphere. Formulated with a blend of mineral and natural waxes, this candle has an average burn time of forty fragrant hours and will instantly bring beauty and warmth to any occasion.

Top: tangerine green Italy, grapefruit Florida, lemon Sicily

Heart: marjoram France, geranium Egypt, orange flower abs Tunisia

Base: cedar wood Maroc, moss, sweet musk