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Modern Botanicals Flower Mugs

Modern Botanicals Flower Mugs


Once you have drunk from these beautiful creamware mugs from Atlanta Bartlett’s Modern Botanicals Collection there’s no going back!! The secret lies in the bone they add to the china. There are 6 flower designs, each one decorated in a different flower on the outside (designed and drawn by Atlanta Bartlett) and a cute little insect, plus text, on the inside. They look look great mixed in with the Modern Botanicals Insect Mugs and other pieces in the range. Choose from


Poppy with Hawkmoth

Tulip with Fritillary Butterfly Open

Hygrangea with Fritillary Butterfly Closed

Fritillary Flower with Bumblebee

Dahlia with Drangonfly

Camellia with Ladybird


English Creamware

H 10cm W 8.5 cm

Dishwasher safe.

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