Miller Harris L'Art du fumage - Scented Candle

Miller Harris L'Art du fumage - Scented Candle


Like smoke rising from the embers of incense, L’Art de Fumage creates a modern impression of an ancient ritual. A dramatic arrangement of spices fuses with the sweet resins of Philippine elemi and Yemini incense. A fragrant kindling of woods, birch, sandalwood and cedar, makes for the perfect moment of reflection. Formulated with a blend of mineral and natural waxes, this candle has an average burn time of forty fragrant hours and will instantly bring beauty and warmth to any occasion.

Top: lavender France, elemi Iran, encens Yemen

Heart: cardamom Guatemala, coriander seed, cumin Egypt, geranium Egypt, chamomile Maroc

Base: cedar wood Maroc, agar wood, santal Mysore, cade, birch tar, amber